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Zikula PHP App Framework: Zikula Core 2.0.9 released!

Contributed by admin on Aug 16, 2018 - 11:20 AM

As of 05 August, Zikula releases its newest version of CMS platform.

"The core development team is proud to announce the availabilty of Zikula Core 2.0.8.(2.0.9 followed a day later on 05 August with a security fix) ...

Zikula Core 2.0.8 is available as of today, 05 August, 2018.

  • Security fixes from Symfony:
    • Remove support for legacy and risky HTTP headers (CVE-2018-14773).
    • Possible host header injection when using HttpCache (CVE-2018-14774).
  • Deprecated:
    • bootstrap-plus/bootstrap-jqueryui is deprecated and will be removed in 2.1. Use jQuery UI directly.
  • Fixes:
    • Upgraded monolog for PHP 7.2+ compatibility (#3906).
    • Unset upgrading flag after successful upgrade (#3899).
    • Fixed invalid request access in hook controller.
    • Changed default storage engine in CLI installer to InnoDB (#3909).
    • Avoid linking to user registration page if registration functionality is disabled."


More of the various fixes etc. at


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